Pellet Mill (SZLH420)

Features: 1) Convertible frequency speed adjustment is selected to control feeding, which can efficiently prevent feeding because of unstable voltage and ensure material feeding 2) The gearbox is improved by American technology with reference to the same of Zhengchang 508 pellet mill which has the advantages of large capacity to store oil and can efficiently absorb the main driving, reduce oil temperature and lower temperature rising of the main driving system 3) Full stainless steel lengthened and widened strong conditioner inner diameter x length = 400 x 3,000. The inside capacity is increased by 2.6 times. The ripening time is increased and the conditioning time is 2.5 time of that of conventional conditioner. The feed return is 3 - 5% higher than the old types 4) Jacket axial steam spray system is used for the conditioner. The original type of radial steam inlet is changed to axial steam inlet so that the contacting efficiency between steam and material is improved as well as the ripening degree and steam spraying back is prevented 5) The iron removing system is specialty placed in between feeder and conditioner to remove the iron more efficiently 6) Imported bearing is used for driving quill shaft bearing with long service life and low noise 7) The door is fully made of stainless steel for strong anti-corrosion, long service life and low maintenance cost 8) The machine is supplied with die lifter installing frame so that the user can install the lifter conveniently on demand and the die changing time is shortened and the labor force is reduced 9) The big gear disassembling hole on the gearbox is change to on the side from on the top. When the big gear is disassembling, the conditioner is not need to be disassembled so that the maintenance time is greatly reduced 10) All the pats and components are produced under the ISO9001 quality system with high fitting precision and low noise ZHENGCHANG

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Pellet Mill (SZLH420)

Pellet Mill (SZLH420)

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